Minimum maintenance responsibilities for landlords

I am living far away from the property that I let and want to find “low maintenance” tenants who can deal with general maintenance themselves.

What is the minimum maintenance responsibilities of landlord required by the law?

I let my property unfurnished and don’t provide white goods and cooker in order to reduce possibility for repairs.

I know that landlord is responsible for maintenance relating to supplying of water, gas, electricity, heating (boiler), and structural repairs such as roof, walls, etc. I am only willing to do minimum maintenance legally required.

Is there a list of minimum maintenance jobs that I can add to the tenancy agreement? Of course I will ask applicants when they apply whether they are happy with the terms and use this as a criterium to select my tenant.

There is no such thing as low maintenance tenants.
Neither is there a minimum maintenance standard, you may as well ask how long is a price of string.

Tenants will agree to anything to get their feet into your property.

If your not in a position to manage the property yourself I suggest using a managing agent.
Your only other option is if you have a trusted all round maintenance person you trust to oversee any maintenance issues that occur and who you trust to instruct appropriate specialist trades ie gas safe or electricians otherwise I would seriously consider whether renting property is something you want to proceed with.

I would suggest you consider selling instead.

You need a maintenance person or a managing agent.
Things that go wrong are your responsibility, you can’t have a contract that says tenants must apply common sense unfortunately, as many have none.

Conscientious tenant’s ask questions when there’s issues, this is a good thing.

Too many grey area iE loo seat breaks, whose job to replace? Shower hose split etc