MNY Property Management Scammers

Hi there. I’m not sure if any of you have heard about this scammy company. They are theives who stole 70k in housing benefits. We’re housing five people in one studio.

They use a number of fictitious company names now.

I arranged a viewing for a flat at Oliver Court, one of their developments in Haringey. I waited an hour, the agent never showed up. But they did call me, pressuring me to give a holding deposit. I said I couldn’t do that until I was let inside, and they promised they’d show me the following evening. I handed over the deposit via bank transfer.

The next night, they didn’t show up again. I requested the deposit back. They refused saying I had backed out of the let. I was shocked, I asked for her name and the company named but she refused.

What do I do now? I called my bank. Do I file a police report now? These people are really giving landlords a bad name.

Police and Local Authority. Do you know where their office is? NEVER let anyone pressure you again.

I called the council. They were not helpful.

Yes, I know at least what’s listed on the company registry.

I left an email on the website, a lady called back screaming at me and refused to give her name or the company name. These people are nuts.

Police said was a civil matter. Useless.

do they have an office? That you know about

Yes, they have an address. I sent a message there and they called me from a private number harassing me.

go to the address with a few BIG mates