Moving to new House

I have a question to ask. Me, my sister and her boyfriend are looking for a new house to rent, as our current landlord wants to sell this house, however every agency we have contacted needs a minimum total salary of over £43000 annually(depending on property) or a 6months deposit which is insane. So I decided to check openrent.

The problem is I am currently in between jobs and my sister takes care for her kid, so the only one with a currently running work contract is her boyfriend, however that is only about 20000£.

There is no money problem as I have significant savings, however due to the requirement we cannot rent a property and I don’t think I will be able to find a new job before we are forced to move.

What are our current choices? Do we really have to each go our own and rent rooms in different places?

What will a landlord need from us? Will just savings be enough?

Hi Pirun, sorry for the slow response on this one!

There are two main options. Essentially:

  • 3 or 6 months’ rent upfront and show them your savings in a bank statement
  • get a guarantor who can pass referencing

Most landlords are happy with at least one of these solutions when a tenant fails referencing.

I really recommending looking at all the support material we have here:

We wrote it all to help tenants like you navigate the confusing and sometimes counterintuitive world of tenant referencing.

Come back with any followup questions!

Hi Pirun,

Depending on where your wanting to rent, and the monthly rent I would of thought that £20,000 pa was quite reasonable. Maybe I’m just living in a lot more affordable part of the country.



Yes,I am based in London. Even for studio 20k won’t be enough.

Thank you for the reply Sam,

Are those 3 or 6 months rent upfront like a deposit? When are these money given back,is it at leaving the property?

They simply pay the rent for the first three or six months. Do you don’t get it back, but you also don’t have to pay that rent again.

Example: if you paid six months’ rent up front, you’d pay that once, then not pay any rent for six months, then pay the seventh months rent, then the eighth one month later, then the ninth, etc., etc.