Upfront rent and deposit

I am new to Open Rent. I have found tenants, passed reference checks and we are at the final stage of taking a deposit and upfront payment of five months ( they are retried and happy to do this ) my tenants have contacted me saying they can’t send the money, they have phoned their bank who have told them that open rents account has been flagged and unsafe to deposit the money. I have no idea what to do now ? I was thinking of changing the contact to have monthly payments to see if a smaller sum would be excepted ? I should add the upfront payment is £7000 so under the £12000 limit open rent take. Any advice would be so gratefully received. Thank you

This is a known problem (google “openrent bank account flagged as suspicious”)

You can wait to get OpenRent to try and help - or just get them to transfer the money direct to your own bank account.

Thanks Fraser, is their a contact number for Open Rent ? I have emailed and just get “ links” sent to me which doesn’t help. Is the contract still binding if the deposit and rent gets paid directly to my account ?