Multiple name in a short tenancy

Dear all,

I have three names in the 12 months tenancy and it comes to an end now. I have inspected the house and have got quotes from maintenance people and cleaning company.

Two of the tenants claimed damages at the staircase walls and two mouldy wall and ceiling in a bedroom has nothing to do with them. The total damages however when I get the quotes from house maintenance people has go beyond the total amount of the deposit amount devided by three (but still within the whole total amount of deposit.)

My question is : if the repairing can be deducted from the total amount of the deposit , or does the deposit amount need to be devided by three names equally? (if the total deposit devided by three, it won’t cover the repairing). I think they share the equal responsibility for taking care of the house?

When they pay the monthly rent, transactions always done by the lead tenant, so only one transactions instead three transactions.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards.

If it was a joint tenancy then all tenants are jointly liable. Even if it was indivudual tenancies, you would still just make a claim for the full deposit and the tenants would have to present evidence showing they werent responsible.

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My understanding is that if the tenants can prove only one of them was responsible - you would be able to take the full amount, and the non-responsible tenants would have to get their money back from the responsible tenant. Possibly through filing a civil claim against the other tenant.

Similar to if one tenant stopped paying rent, you would be able to go after the other tenants because they accepted the responsibility.

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