Not happy with openrent

I put up an advert just before lockdown. Obviously I could not let my flat so had to pause the advert. OpenRent decided themselves to actually take the advert down and when I try to reinstate it I am told that I have to pay again. Obviously I should not have to pay again for a service I already paid for and couldn’t utilise!
To make it worse there is no way to get through to an actual human being at OpenRent. When you call it goes to an answering service and then you just get sent a generic email. Disgusting customer service from a company who I used to think were quite good.

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I was in a similar situation when tenants who initially seemed amenable to allowing viewings expressed reluctance, obviously due to Covid. I paused the listing and emaied Openrent explaining why.

Openrent doesn’t make it very clear how long you can pause for, though.