My tenant used Reolut to pay rent, but I haven't received it

Try to sort it all day today because don’t really want put tenants in an awkward situation. He provided the transfer confirmation and everything he can to prove that he paid on weekend just gone. I believe him. I use rent collection for the last three years with my other tenants without any problem, so it is any delay for this kind of digital bank or what should I do for this situation


There may well be a delay, wait a reasonable amount of time before pursuing. Why not contact your bank?

thank you for advise, if i haven’t received the money tomorrow i will ask the tenant to contact the bank to find out where money is

a quick update, the tenant wrongly sent money into the deposit account, so it is down to openrent turn. The tenant contacted openrent straight as soon as he spotted the problem. Three days now, still no money to show up.

I can’t help but I hope you’ll find a resolution ASAP. take care

last update, the rent is received this morning

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