How long until OpenRent receives tenant's full deposit and first month's rent?

After signing the contract, I have paid the full deposit and one month’s rent via bank transfer (approx. 30 minutes ago). The money has left my account but I have received no confirmation from OpenRent, not via email nor on my dashboard, and neither has my landlord. On my OpenRent dashboard, it still says “awaiting full deposit and rent”. I have checked the transfer details and they are correct.

Is this normal? How long do I have to wait until this shows up on my dashboard/get a confirmation email from OpenRent?

EDIT: I received confirmation from OpenRent after 1 hour of making the bank transfer.

email openrent and ask them

I did already but they say they will get back to me in 24 hours. If for whatever reason I have to revert the transfer that might be too late.

Why do you need to revert the transfer

In case something went wrong and OpenRent doesn’t receive it.

Just be patient
If it transferred from your bank you have evidence it was paid

Hello- I am trying to put down a holding deposit and the only option I am getting is to use a UK Debit card. There is not option of bank transfer. Since I opened my bank account only this week, the debit cards are still in the mail.

Is there no other way to post holding deposit if I do not have a UK Debit card?

You should be able to see OpenRent’s banking details and reference number for your deposit transaction. You can make a bank transfer directly from your banking app using those details.

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