Not received first months rent after two weeks of tenants moving in

I was told it takes 10 days for the money to be transferred however I have yet to receive the money

Sounds dodgy already - have you spoken to them? Hopefully just an oversight. I assume they’ve paid the deposit.

you mean you never asked for a deposit and a months rent in advance BEFORE you signed and handed over the keys???

sorry I meant to say not recieved from Openrent, tenants have transferred on time before key handover. Wanted to ask anyone if else had any issues with OpenRent transferring money into bank account?

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There is a delay before OpenRent transfers the 1st months payment. It is to ensure the property and landlord are legit. I can’t remember how long it took for us but it was at least a week or two. Message them directly.

Thanks, I have messaged twice but no response, which is a bit worrying

please keep updating, I am just signing the contract with my tenants as well

Glad to say I have now recieved the monies into my account from OpenRent, all resolved thankfully!

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Good news. Was there a problem or just the normal holding period that Open Rent advise you of ?

It was the normal holding period, thanks all