Mydeposits holding deposit for former tenant and can't release it


My tenants moved out on Sunday 19th November, and I tried to release the deposit from mydeposits, but there was a technical issue.

I called them on Monday morning, and they said they had an IT issue. They confirmed that once it was fixed my tenant would receive a notification that the deposit would be released as they had submitted it while on the call. I asked for written confirmation to reassure my tenant, but they ended the call.

My former tenant tried calling mydeposits today but couldn’t get through.

I’ve tried raising a complaint but haven’t received a response from mydeposits.

Has anyone had an issue with mydeposits holding a tenant’s deposit? I’m unsure how to resolve it, but it’s day three now, and the former tenant needs the deposit back. They’re understandably concerned and looking to me to resolve.


I had a problem with them once, the way it works is quite complicated, you have to first sign in and trigger the process, then the tenant gets an email they have to respond to, but quite often tenants change their email addresses, etc so they don’t know that they should be looking out for the email, and if they do not reply then the payment will not be made. I had a tenant who had deleted the email address they had originally put into the mydeposits system…