Mydeposits not set up?

Is any one else having a problem getting access to the online mydeposits custodial account?
I was not sent a link and now am going round in circles between open rent and mydeposits and not having much luck !

Twice now I have discovered that the My Deposits site and processes are actually rather tricky to navigate.
Not so much from my perspective as a landlord but from my tenants point of view. When I have initiated the process to return a deposit two otherwise very tech savvy people did not find it straightforward at all and because of how the site works I was powerless to assist them.

I’m having difficulties with myDeposit web site too, despite being IT professional for many years. Buggy, non-intuitive, poorly though through. Their business analysts have done very bad job.
You can’t have your email address as a login name - why on earth would they impose 16 chars limit? But the secret word must be more that 8 chars! Somehow I got an item in my basked (I’m a landlord) and the only option I have on the page is “pay” - no “delete” or “cancel”.

Hi all, I have used the phone helpline for all three deposit schemes in the past and found them very helpful. I’d recommending calling MyDeposits if you have an issue.


I have had some feedback from a former tenant about MyDeposits. She is a highly knowledgeable person (has a computer science degree) and she has said that the MyDeposits website is simply not fit for purpose. She had a lot of difficulty getting her deposit back (although as far as I was concerned I’d confirmed that I was happy for it to be returned in full).

I think that OpenRent should reconsider their use of MyDeposits. I have used DPS for many years (since it first became necessary to protect deposits with a third party) and although it’s a bit clunky it seems to work pretty well.

As a landlord, I think of my tenants (and ex-tenants) as my customers and am very keen to provide them with a positive experience of renting from me. Many stay for a long time, and I often get former tenants contacting me asking if I have any property available. I really don’t want my tenants to finish their tenancy with a negative experience. This will reflect badly on me and on OpenRent.

Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your thoughts here. We are keen to make sure that our handling of deposits is the best it can be. As you know, there are only three approved schemes and their customer service and operational procedures are controlled by legislation so that they operate in a very similar way. I’ll pass this on to our product team so they can register your experience with MyDeposits.


I think that the problem is that to recover their deposit, the tenant has to interact directly with the MyDeposits website, which is badly designed. I have never had anyone say that actually paying their deposit posed any technical problems.

I went directly to MyDeposits and set up an account. No matter how many times I activate or reset the password, I get a failed login. Two requests to customer service ignored. How can I trust them with my money, if I can’t even login for the first time?
Open Rent definitely needs to reconsider its choice of provider. I will now find a new one.
Any deposit paid through OpenRent will be protected in a [MyDeposits] ( Custodial account, under the control of the landlord. MyDeposits is one of three government approved schemes for tenancy deposit protection.

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I’m getting really annoyed with this site. Openrent you need to fix this as it looks poorly upon your service. I have two deposits with them and cant see them at all. Not open on the weekends to handle queries