National Tenants Database to tackle rogue tenants costing landlords thousands of pounds

I just signed the petition “National Tenants Database to tackle rogue tenants costing landlords thousands of pounds” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Campaign to start to protect landlords, utility suppliers, local councils from the rogue fraudster, criminal tenants and also their supporters’ friends and families who provide fraudulent, misleading documents to gain access to rental properties.

I and so many other landlords have been the victims of professional fraudster tenants who provided false references and the referencing companies have failed to recognise the false information and are then not willing cooperate and not willing to admit their mistakes.

These tenants are professional graduates, struck off lawyers, etc who get the rental properties and then do not pay rents, utility bills, council tax and cause damage before leaving the rental properties. This is causing landlords very big financial losses, stress and leading many landlords to sell their properties.

I need your support to request the government to legislate for a law for National Tenants Registration database with rogue criminal tenants’ records.

Professional landlords are already members of National Residents Landlords Association- NRLA and Information Commissioner’s Office-ICO.
But there is no such professional membership organisation for the tenants. I have had the suggestion by good tenants that there should be a record for the tenants where they can update their details and help and support to find the next rental property easily and may be able to help them get on the property ladder more easily, if it shows that they have been paying a certain amount of rent regularly over a period of time.

Some bad tenants have been such a nuisance to the neighbours and councils do not do anything to resolve the issues.

Its time to raise our voice to protect private landlords as they provide the service and are not different from other smaller businesses. Also the government and councils should understand if there are fewer and fewer private landlords there will be a crisis in the property market as 1) not enough social housing and 2) not all are entitled for social housing 3) recognise private rental business as other small business 4) rogue tenants costing not only private landlords thousands but also to the councils and utility suppliers.

There should be equal rights for landlords and tenants, otherwise it is discrimination, by including both in a national database or even professional membership database to offer protection from any rogue tenants causing financial loss and stress.


I signed it, good work Prafula

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Thank you.

As good landlords we want justice.


We would like to sign this petition, but when trying to do so get the following message:

Uh oh.

The server is misbehaving.

You can try refreshing the page, and if you’re still having problems, just try again later. We’re doing our best to get things working smoothly!

I’ve tried half a dozen times, still with no luck. Any ideas anyone?

Hi Anne

Thank you for letting me know.

I will check and find out why you are getting that message

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I tried to sign ,it wanted £5 off me, then £4, also so sign up for more petitions disappointing , i gave up. I bet I get loads of unwanted emails off them now . This is annoying

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Anne and Colin
I just said I will share instead of paying and shared with my friends, sorted well. no issues, maybe u could do it that way. I also know, one of them I send to also has done it in turn and it went well for him too.

Hi Collin and everyone

I got one suggestion for everyone that if there is any problem
and then don’t worry.

Anyone would support this just say AGREE
So wee a list on our openrent Community.

This would be easy and would also request Openrent
to represent our views.

I have also sent to NRLA.

Thank you

I have signed and it does then come up ‘can’ you chip in x amount but there’s an option that says ‘I cannot do anything right now’ if someone doesn’t want to donate or share.

I often sign petitions and haven’t had any trouble from them.

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Have tried to sign petition, just a bit too complicated for me!!

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Thank you. I can understand

Done Prafula - great initiative


Colin. I had similar trouble with these people several years ago. Before getting involved with, I would advise folks to look up their reviews on Not very inspiring. Also, they don’t seem to publish petition results.

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interesting… Firms do not exist for nothing .How do they make their money ? If I share will others then be pestered? It seems a bit like taking part in a survey, they ask all sorts of questions to target you with sales people or adverts.


Erick and Colin

But Someone have to start somewhere for all.
What we can don that if get the spreadsheet for
petition and then we can get the printout and ask
to sign and that should be fine.

Many years I did one petition and it was local so
I and my friends used to ask personally local residents.

We will try to find the solution.

Thank you


sorry to be negative about what is a great idea

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Don’t worry . My motto of life is think positive in negative.

Things can be simple and easy but people make it so complicated.

I hope NRLA, Openrent, others would able pass our
message my petition and everyone supports to the

Agree, Colin, it is long overdue. By the way, these rogue ‘petition’ companies make money by selling on your personal details, email address in particular, and do quite well out of it. Hence the spam after signing up. It’s a mine-field out there.



I will update about the petition.


change . org now sent me an e mail asking me to sign another petition . Not what I wanted . This is going to be a right pain . i suggest no one else sign up.

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