Navigating the Openrent site

Hi Please can there be a chat about navigating the Openrent site. For example, my ad
wrongly shows Broadband as not being set up in the flat. I think this dissuades tenants from contacting me. How does an advertiser make the Broadband and Wifi package clear. I write Wifi in the ad, but will this show in tenant searches? Excellent site, in my first room I found a great tenant in 5 days advertising.Thank you in advance, Anita

Hi Anita, by navigating the site, do you mean tips for using the site in general?

We have a lot of support on our Help Centre.

With broadband, you can simply write whatever broadband package the property is currently served by in the property description. Many tenants want to know which suppliers serve the properties they’re searching, so we use to let them see what their switching options are when they move in.

This is on every advert, so it’s really unlikely tenants will see it and assume that there’s no broadband! But yes - put it in the property description if you’re unsure.