Stuck in an openrent loop

I advertised my flat through openrent as I needed a new tenant. We have found one through openrent and she has paid her deposit through openrent and we want to proceed with her and the system says now we have 3 options: View tenet referencing options, view direct to contract options, view cancel/reject applicant options. We want to accept her but dont want all of the ancillary services that are being posed to us as we can easily do this ourselves. How do I proceed with the tenant without all of the referencing and contract stuff. We have tried phoning but there is no one to speak to only people to tell us there is no one to talk to and they are sending us emails about how we proceed buying the additional services but not answering the question.

I am new to openrent so any help would be much appreciated.


I suggest that you talk directly to the prospective tenant stating that you will undertake the tenant referencing and produce the agreement for them to sign, then take down / withdraw your advert.

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Thanks for your advice John. Fortunately after several phone calls I was able to get an answer by email from OpenRent and it was much the same as your advice.

My pleasure. Glad we could help.