Need 3 bed+ rental property for working family in Bridgend area

Landlord is selling our house that we’ve paid rent for 7 yrs faithfully. We need a 3bed house in or around the Bridgend area. It’s a working household and we don’t claim benefits.

We have a 3 bedroom semi detached property on Brackla which will be available early July.


We are available to move whenever is convenient for you. Can I ask the rent and bond? And ask when it would be available to have a look please?

Could you tell me anything about the property? I have 2 dogs and it seems to be an issue with letting agents but I assure you they are trained and very well behaved and to be completely honest, quite lazy. But it’d just in case it poses a problem?

Kindest regards
N Grant

The house has been valued at £875 P/M, bond would be equivalent to 1 months rent + £100 pet bond. Can you please confirm size & type of dogs you have. If interested i can arrange a viewing at the end of June or possibly a little earlier. Can you please also confirm how many adults and children in the house hold.

That sounds great. I certainly don’t mind paying the extra £100. Can I ask, are you the owner or the agent for the property?
I have medium sized collie cross who’s almost deaf and blind but she’s the sweetest dog … and A cabochon, just slightly larger the a Bichon… but a more placid and adorable dog you’ll never meet.
Living in the house is myself and my husband, my adult son who’s 25 (both work full time) and my 15 year old.
I would love if we could see the house please?

Kindest regards

Nikki grant

I am the owner of the property. If you send over your mobile number or email address i can get back to you once the property is ready to go onto the market. Currently the property is being redecorated once this is complete the house can be viewed.

Yes please that would be great.
My mobile is: 07460 347944
And email is:
Do you mind me asking if you have a time frame for when it will be available?

Kindest regards
Nicola grant

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