Need a rent a house/flat

Im a student with dependent. Need a flat/house for rent basis, walking distance near to university of sunderland, please anybody help to arrange it.

Again shafeer give a bit more detail it may help you
1 you say “with Dependent” is that a child if so why not say and what age is child
2 how many rooms do you require
3 what type of property flat,house etc
4 budget its no good someone offering you something you simply cannot afford state what amountbyou can afford (or indeed if it will be paid by/alongside any benefits
5 what isnthe reason for you needing the property
Just suggestions but the more information you give the more likely you are to
1 get a property suitable to your needs
2 get a property you can afford

Hi Gary,

   Thanks for your email, i have child with age6,

2 bedroom ,1 or 2 bathroom, kitchen, and living area, furnished must be need . Flat/house any,
My budget for rent a house is 500- 750pcm i can afford, must be walking distance university of sunderland, my wife is student of this university of sunderland, and i have child also need near by school.