Need to move but house has subsidence

I have received a good job offer which requires me to relocate. However, I currently own a house that has an ongoing subsidence claim. There is a fairly minor crack in the exterior wall and the insurance company believe it was caused by some bushes in the neighbours garden, which have now been removed. They want to monitor for a few months before repairing, to make sure it has stopped moving.

I am a bit stuck on options on whether I can accept the job. I am pretty sure I would not be able to sell my house currently, at least not for a much reduced amount. I could afford to pay for 2 mortgages for a few months but even if the insurance claim is finished withing a few months, I am cautious about how quickly I could sell a house that has only just been repairs.

Would it be possible to rent out my house in its current state?
The damage caused is fairly minor and I can’t imagine the repair work would cause too much disruption to the tenants.

Any help / advice would be appreciated

i cannot imagine a serious crack from some bushes > You do state it is minor, Of course you can rent it out ,allowing that the tenant understands the situation has to be monitored Put it in writing. if the price is right a house will sell in any state. I boght one with a crack in the rear wall I could put my hand in . I rebuilt the back wall and completly gutted the place, renovated and sold on. Instantly… A crack will not put off the right person… or rented till claim is settled