Section 61 notice

Hi I’m wondering if anyone can advise me on giving notice to my tenant, she’s had to move aboard for work , she says until the end of October so the house is now going to be unoccupied for 4 months and she’s informed me she can’t afford the rent , can I accelerate the notice period as she’s breaking the insurance policy detail that the house can’t be unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time ?
Anyone else been in this situation or know the legality of it
Many thanks in anticipation

Under the circumstances, would suggest you ask her to surrender the tenancy.

I agree offer her a surrender and cut your losses. Do it as a deed not digital.
Four months and no rent it’s a no brainer
I would also let your insurance company know they will increase the policy cover for the vacant period and you will have to abide by their heating rules if we get a cold spell ( unlikely)

Yes ideally that would be best but as she’s already abroad for work and the house is full of her furniture and effects she might be reluctant, I’ll see what she suggests as she’s been in touch now

Yes think I’ll have to do that , thanks for the advice about the insurance