New EICR Rules for Tenants Serving 6 Months (section 21) Notice

Hi - My tenants were served notice on 7th February 2021 as I am selling the flat which is currently on the market and taking viewings. They have been living at the property I let to them on a standard ASTA since March 2019. You can probably see where this is going, and so my question is, do I still need to get an EICR certificate for the flat?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


Yes you do. Given you have given notice you may not be hugely popular with tenants at moment so there would be increased risk of them reporting you so i would advise you arrange urgently, may be a struggle to get done at this stage as most electricians will be busy.

It will probably help with your sale as a lot of buyers will want electrics checked.

From one Richard to another, many thanks for your clear comments!

It’s just infuriating that a certificate lasting up to five years will only be relevant for another three months maximum as the tenants are halfway through the six months extended notice period and the flat is on the market and taking viewings as we speak.

The galling thing is that had the notice period been a normal two months, this would be academic. Is that reasonable?