New kitchen purchase

I am in the process of purchasing my fourth house and need to replace the kitchen. All other purchases have come with new kitchens… can an6one advise how to purchase a good, up fussy kitchen that doesn’t cost a bomb… It would be fairly basic but needs to be robust as it is for rental purposes.

I have heard on homes under the hammer, that there are ways to purchase bathrooms and kitchens at a much cheaper rate, but they never say how. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks

I have fitted many kitchens I use b and q stuff bases and doors . Then buy the worktops cheaper from local suppliers. I generally leave a cutting board for the tenants as well I 270 degree hinges not 180 degree so door “hanging” last s longer

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Great, thanks Colin.

Adele Ajai-Ajagbe

Ooh, stealing that tip as we will have new kitchens to fit in two of our properties at the next tenant change.

I have fitted kitchens for clients and if they have the better hinges I save them for my own places . If I go to car boots for garden plants I look out for good handles and keep a stock in my workshop . You can pick up good stuff at a car boot ! I always fit the aluminium edges to worktops to protect the laminate from damage… In a higher end property you would do it differently

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I’ve fitted my last rental property with a budget IKEA kitchen as their prices are much cheaper than B&Q.

i like the b and q as the back panel stands off the wall by about 2" so pipework is accomodated. Not sure if ikea is the same. For me B and q is much nearer. Whatever floats your boat

Thanks for this, I hadn’t thought of IKEA as my nearest one is about 2 hours away, but definitely worth pursuing. Cheers

I have numerous water and gas pipes on the lower kitchen wall but have no problem with fitting the units. I fitted the units myself but got a pro to fit the worktop.

I’m only a minute’s drive from IKEA.

I always put Howdens kitchens in. Carcasses are delivered ready made. Worktops depend on type of property and achievable rent

Thanks Linda. Coming ready assembled is a great bonus.