Rental property kitchen

Dear all, Just wondering what material would you recommend for the kitchen worktop and flooring in a rental property.

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Laminate worktop and vinyl roll flooring

Vinyl if a timber floor and tiles if a concrete floor

If you go for Laminate make sure you supply 2/3 cutting boards, only about £1 each and write it in agreement " cutting boards supplied any damage will be charged for"

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Marble work top, its heavy and expensive but, you won’t damage it, its easy to clean and its really beautiful

unless you drop a heavy pan on the corner

Marble won’t break that easy! Marble is a heavy and durable material, also you can always make a round corner so it won’t be that easy to break, this is what I did I have a marble work top, and I’ve made the corners to be round, they won’t break that easy, this is what I was told when I was ordering this kitchen design, gladly I found bespoke kitchens hertfordshire. The price was much lower as I expected and the everything was done and ready in 2 weeks. I’ve already dropped some heavy pots and even a grill pan on the corner and those are still one piece