New Tenancy Agreements for Welsh Landlords

Tenancy changes in Wales are taking place in July.
I used a Tenant Contract from Open Rent. Is there any guidance on amending or creating a new tenant agreement. i.e. A template, or what we should change?

Thanks. I did wonder. I thought OR people were on these forums to help answer questions like that. I appreciated your input though, so maybe I will send them a support request just to check.

Existing tenancy will require the new contract (over 50 pages at present !)issued within 6 months from legislation date in July.
I’ve copied below from gov website.

You will be required to issue a ‘written statement’ of the occupation contract to all contract-holders (this will replace your current tenancy or licence agreement). The written statement must contain all the terms of the contract.

Hope this helps

Hi Robert,

We are aware of the changes due to come into place in Wales this year and we will continue to ensure that all of our services are fully compliant with the updated legislation.

The legislation introduces major changes which our legal team are working through carefully. Our understanding is that a new written statement will be required but there is a grace period for landlords to provide this.

Our aim is to help landlords as far as possible with complying with the changes, and we will announce full details nearer the time

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That’s helpful thanks. Can’t see where to get the bulletin though?
Perhaps leave a link here.


You can subscribe to our newsletter via the link below:

Thanks. Turns out I was subscribed. Nothing in it though in relation to contracts used from OpenRent, being compliant with new Welsh Legislation. What about this OR?. Thanks

Is there any news about a new Contract we can use for our Welsh Property. I never saw it in the Newsletters?

Looks as though open rent will provide a contract for new Welsh lettings but not a template to convert existing ones set up through open rent - not very helpful. I would be happy to pay a fee if they would provide this. Don’t fancy drafting a legal document myself.

Does anyone know otherwise?

The following is from the help centre:

Will OpenRent continue offering Rent Now to landlords in Wales?


OpenRent will continue to offer all of our services to landlords with properties in Wales.

We’ll make sure that our services, including tenancy agreements, are fully compliant with the new legislation.

Landlords with properties in Wales won’t need to worry about doing anything different when going through Rent Now this change will be integrated into the current process and an occupation contract-will be automatically supplied.

What if my tenancy started before 1st December?

If you have an existing tenancy, or a tenancy that will start before 1st December and continue after the new legislation comes into effect, then your tenancy will automatically become what is known as a “converted occupation contract”.

Under the new legislation you will have six months from 1st December 2022 to make sure you’ve met all your legal obligations and issue the tenant(s) with a ‘written statement’ of the converted occupation contract. This will be a new contract which incorporates the terms (clauses) which the new legislation requires into your existing contract.

OpenRent will not be providing a template for a written statement, however, we will provide guidance on how to prepare it and when to serve it.

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Do you have a timescale on when the supply of a Occupation Contract will be available?

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