New tenancy and Property Management

Hi there.

I found a property through a letting agent which I viewed myself. Referencing was completed via Homelet. Letting agent is now asking me to speak with a property management company that will arrange the contracts, deposits, keys etc however I cannot find any website of that company or any info online. They dont have a website or any reviews apart from a phone and an email that pops up via a simple google search. How do I know this is company is legit?

Thank you in advance

The letting agent should do that work.

If you get a company name for the agent and the other, do a company search at Companies House online, and don’t touch them if the records indicate they have not submitted a company return on their profitability or otherwise. Recently registered? Then probably a scam!

If they don’t have a company name, ask if they are a member of a professional association and check with the association, or googlesearch landlord associations and call them all to see if they are a member, and they can advise you at the same time.

Don’t sign or hand over money until you feel safe!

Hi John, thanks for the reply. I can find both companies when searching the companies house website. Both founded in 2015. Please take a look at the image to see what data can be found for the property management company I was talking to you about.

All filing history shows is “Microcompany accounts” and “confirmation statement”. I dont really know if they should have stated more data or not. Do these seem to you legit?

Thanks for the help overall, I appreciate it