Approached by Company to let to Corpotate clients


I have been approached by a company ([Redacted]) to take on my 2 bed property and they rent it to companies whose employees have short term contacts.

Can I ask if any one has experienced such a company and how they got on please? One concern would be many different tenants visiting (although they repair the property). Also, not sure how they make a profit if I am charging them the market rate?

Many thanks

not again this question . So many times . Do not do it

Thanks Colin, you confirmed what I suspected

RUN as fast as you can hahaha

Thanks Kate! Out of interest what’s the issues please? I found a similar thread but it was not clear why.

It just seems that these guys are not tightly regulated, which attracts scammers who later do hit and run, sorry, not pay and dissolve/declare bankruptsy. I heard a couple of such stories.

you cannot vet the people they put in . You have lost control. Google " rent to rent"

Thanks Everyone, lesson learned !

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Hi @Michael21 - It’s not clear from your post if you were contacted by this company via OpenRent or somewhere else, but if it was via OpenRent then you can report their message as spam if they are soliciting other services and aren’t a tenant. Our team can then review and likely suspend their account.

You can report any enquiry from the messaging screen, but if you wanted to supply supplementary evidence you can always contact our team too.

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