New to Renting and need some advice


Just looking for some advice, maybe we’re missing something?

I rented back in 2003, been living abroad since then but have accepted a new job in Bristol which starts in six weeks.

When I last lived in the UK, back in 2003 I rented a flat. I picked up a copy of the local Buy and Sell and spent a morning in a coffee shop making a list of places I wanted to see. I rang a few numbers and arranged to meet a LL that evening. The flat was a bit grubby, attached to his house, but the rent was OK and it was available immediately. I met him next afternoon with the deposit and advance, signed for six months (was there for over a year), got the keys and moved in.

Now heres the problem. Maybe I’m missing something, please help me figure this out, I dont know if I’m being stupid or naive.

I have accepted the new job, given notice to my employer and am preparing to move. I’ve been living with family and sharing with friends for the past 20 years, this is the first tenancy in my name I’ll have since moving away. I thought I could just get a local estate agent or see an advert and move in somewhere. I can’t!

What am I doing wrong?

There are no adverts except for estate agents (I dont want to rent a room at my age). I can’t just view a property, apparently I have to register with the EA, pay them a fee and then apply for properties! Is this right?

And the rent is just stupid. Literally nothing under 1k a month! I was paying £550 for a two bed house in Cardiff back in 2003, I was expecting things to be a bit more but how can they be over a grand a month?

Another thing is they arw asking for three mo ths bank statements? How can they ask for that information, it’s private. I’ve explained that I dont want to share that kind of information but apparently it’s now procedure?

The EA has also said that I will likely need someone to act to guarantee the rent, but I’m mid 40s, and I’ll be earning 60k, surely I dont need someone to guarantee the lease? That cant be right? Im not a student or unemployed.

Where am I going wrong? It cant be this difficult to just rent a place.

Arw there any other agencies in Bristol which work normally? As in I can view places without having to register first, or give my bank statment?

times are way different now . If you do not want to do what an agent or landlord wants you to do then it will take longer to find a place … Fewer places to rent and it will not get better

This is normal now. Vast shortage of rentals, and landlords protecting themselves due to tougher legislation past and imminent.

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I didn’t realise that EA charge TT a fee to register. I thought it would be free. Can you share how much is the registration fee?

They can’t legally charge a registration fee.

If youre being asked for a fee, youre being scammed, likely by a bogus agent. Reply to ads on Openrent, although as you say, rents have increased a lot.

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