No contact from landlord

I have sent a landlord a few messages in the last 24 hours aswell as putting down a holding deposit but I’ve had nothing back, I’m feeling slightly uneasy that I may have been scammed…

Nicola12 did you send thru openrent? or did you give money direct to the landlord ?

Hi Colin3
I sent it through openrent

then it should be safe. they will reply to your statement .good like that

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Thank you for the advice

Can you tell us the outcome?

Hello, there has been no response from the homeowner for 48 hours, although the website says 24, I paid a deposit, what should I do, didn’t they cheat me?

Hi Ion2,

We would always recommend reaching out to the landlord prior to making an application.

However, if this has not been done then you can withdraw the deposit after 24 hours of placing it if there is no response from the landlord by using the following link:

Where the landlord is unresponsive we will chase them for a response and you are welcome to also reach out to them directly - the landlord has 96 hours to reach a decision on how to proceed.

if you have any further questions, or wish to discuss this further, you can reach our customer support team by emailing us on

Thanks, Usmaan


I am having some issues of responsiveness from the landlord since the beginning of the process. We passed the reference check but no news from the landlord and no ways to contact her except through OpenRent which she seems to ignore. It’s very unprofessional from her and with the current situation we really need to get an update. How to chase her?

you have to wait she will have had other offers possibly considering all

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your prompt reply. That’s possible yes but an update is not much asking especially with the current covid situation.

you are right of course . Some landlords are not good at that