Landlord not responding after I paid holding deposit. 96hours passed and no confirmation of my refund

I paid for the holding deposit for a property. The landlord took it off the market. I have sent the landlord multiple messages asking what the situation is with the property. (Have I got the property, are they running a credit check? Is there any documents you need me to provide) He has not responded to any of them. 96 hours have passed and I have had no confirmation I’m getting my deposit back.

Its very confusing for me as I am left in the unknown. With the property market moving very fast in London it puts me under a lot of pressure. As it’s wasting a significant amount of my time to look for another property.

There are no numbers to call for advice on the open rent platform. Neither are there emails. There is only a messages link which I have had no response from either.

I’m not really sure what to do?

Did you pay it via Openrent?

Hi i hope this helps.

You should get email updates along the way letting you know what stage your on I. E referencing. If the landlord has not not accepted you, you will get email saying holding deposit refunded that usually takes a couple of day. I hope this helps. 020 3322 2733

we are landlords, and this year significant number of potential emails ended up in SPAM, we also dont recevei alerts afre 10pm… maybe your landlord did not see your messages… did you conact them directely or via Open rent massaging system?

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