No Response from Prospective Tenants

This is my first use of OpenRent, after many years of using a different service. I have had some good looking initial enquiries, but when I attempt to contact them I am not receiving any responses.

I have now discovered that if I respond via my dashboard, my response just sits on the tenant’s dashboard. It is not highlighted, there is no email alert sent. The tenant has been told by OpenRent that they need do nothing, the landlord will contact them - not true, they need to look out for grey messages at the top of their dashboard.

Is there any way I can call the tenant directly.

Under the persons details can you see “manage this enquiry”? Theres a button for “request contact details”

Also depending on source of enquiry you won’t get all contact details. IE a voicemail you will only get phone number.

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for your comment.

Rest assured that we let everyone, both landlords and tenants, know when they receive a new message. It’s possible that the tenant you spoke to just missed our email letting them know. However, if you have any specific questions then please contact our customer support team by clicking the blue “need help” button at the bottom of your screen. Our support team will then be able to look into your query and reply in more detail than I can on a public forum.

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