Landlord sends just one message, then ignores me

A landlord sent me a useless message and totally ignored me. I tried to hit the report button, but since he sent one message, the system tells me that the landlord replied. It’s been for two weeks that I’m waiting for a response from this landlord and I can’t even reply to him because of this system, it’s really frustrating.
Furthermore, I tried to get in touch with OpenRent about this issue, but they never replied me back.
What should I do?

Hi Antonio,

I can see one of the team responded to your initial message last week, though we didn’t hear back.

It’s a shame that the landlord still hasn’t responded here - I’m sure this is quite frustrating. We’ll check in to ensure the property is still available.

We’d suggest focusing your efforts on finding other properties that suit you. Email alerts are also quite handy in keeping tenants in the loop:


I can’t really understand how you can say you responded to me, because the only replies I received were on Facebook and Twitter, but they were automatic replies that described the same procedure I tried to use to report the landlord. Very useful.
Furthermore, thank you really much for suggesting “focusing your efforts on finding other properties that suit you”. Sounds like “We don’t care to help you, get rid of it by your own”, doesn’t it?
I totally ignored this topic too, since I managed to find a property “that suits me” thanks to a property estate manager’s efforts. Not an OpenRent’s one, luckily.
I won’t say that I’ll never use OpenRent again because sometimes fate is as grim as my experience with you, and it could happen to find a new property with you. Just let’s hope it won’t happen.

Antonio Polara.

Hi Antonio,

It looks like we responded by email to the query you sent via the OpenRent website - I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive this.

That email explained that we had chased the landlord and asked them to respond to your enquiry. It also described how you can report the landlord as continuing to be unresponsive - we will remove listings where landlords, despite repeat reminders, are not responding to us or to tenants.

It’s understandably frustrating where you’ve found a property you like and the landlord doesn’t promptly respond to your enquiry. This isn’t the case with the vast majority of landlords on OpenRent, and I hope the experience with this landlord doesn’t put you off our platform entirely.

Anyway, I’m pleased to hear you’ve found a property - even if it wasn’t via OpenRent on this occassion, and wish you a happy tenancy.