Not receiving notification of new tenant message

I am receiving notification of new tenant Initial message but not ongoing messages. Surely this must be possible rather than having to log on to check messages.

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There’s something uniquely flaky about OpenRent’s messaging - and it’s been that way for years - that apparently seems to be irresolvable.

My experience (as landlord posting): email & text notifications are generated at each tenant enquiry, coupled with respective follow-up (i) emails requesting that I change my email address due to non-delivery of OpenRent emails (successfully delivered to the same email address !!!) and (ii) text messages stating that OpenRent has tried to contact me but failed, even though it has succeeded.

Does anyone else experience this ? So far, publicity from the website seems to operate OK regardless (but of course one never knows what one doesn’t see). I’ve attempted to get to the root of the issue - simply to stop the spam - by contacting the OpenRent team with dozens of email requests for sight of the alleged delivery failure notices … curiously, there is never any response to treat the problem. So it goes on …