No Response to emails?

I’ve had 44 inquiries to rent my 3 bed semi.
I reply to the ALL within 24 hours as well as sending the automated email asking them for more information.
I get very few replies, maybe 10-15%.
Do the prospective tenants really receive my email? How can i see that they have received it? Can open rent demonstrate that the communication has reached the prospective tenant?
I think that to send me an email Open Rent should force an account to be opened with email and mobile number so that they are 100% sure that the response will be received.
As a landlord i want to reach the most people with the right information and i am just not convinced that this is happening.

Hello @Matthew49 i guess you are worried prospective tenants aren’t responding to your requests. usually when you send a message, it has the ‘grey’ tick on it indicating your message was sent. The recipient (prospective tenant) reads it, you get a ‘blue’ tick on the message.

if you are not getting response back to your follow-up questions, check the colour of the ‘tick’. chances are the tenant hasn’t picked the message or have but decided not to provide the info you request.

as per Open Rent demonstrating they delivered your message, I’d say ‘Goodluck’ with that. All you get the colour-coded tick on the message.

suggestion, if you get response from 15%, I’d say thats not bad. You are not going to rent to all the 44 prospects anyway. Alternative choose an all-day viewing date, and ask everyone to pick a time slot. 15mins viewing time and 5mins between the previous person and the next one. This way you get the chance to ask your questions assuming the 85% turn up

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blue tick?? wow , i cant believe ive never seen that!

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you are thinking purely from landlord perspective “i got 44 inquiries”. you assume that the tenants have only made 1 enquiry, to you. in fact, the tenants have made about 50 enquiries each to other opportunities. So they are also prioritising and filtering the properties they really want. Sure, they put you in their list but maybe as priority number 27. They are first dealing with priority 1 to 5.

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its fine. hopefully that should give you indication of where things are at

I am not sure you understand how many actual time wasters and tyre kickers there are out there

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The rented accommodation is very tight right now - as widely reported. Many applicants are almost certainly using a machine gun spray approach to finding somewhere/anywhere to live. A high level of lack of responses is par for the course.

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Unfortunately this was partly my experience too, Matthew. People just don’t have the decency and manners they used to have. I am not even that old (30+) but it beggars belief how many people don’t even message “Sorry I am not interested” or “Sorry I have found somewhere else” or simply withdraw their request.

OpenRent should include a feedback feature so we can comment on our experiences. There are just that many timewasters and they need to be called out to alert other prospective landlords.

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