No response to emails

Hi I have sent 2 emails regarding receiving deposit back and no one gets back to me can someone please contact me as this needs sorting out asap so that my young person can move onto her next property.

Hi @Sue7 -

I can see you emailed us initially at 16:47:37 01/02/24, our team replied to that email at 17:16:13 01/02/24.

I can see you then emailed us at: 10:49:47 08/02/24, our team replied to that email at 12:09:35 08/02/24.

So both of your emails had replies within roughly an hour or so, not bad!

I’m guessing you have a problem with your email provider / spam filters. Can you check your spam / junk folder, or reach out to the IT administrator for your email system?


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Hi can you please re send the replies to my email address again I have contacted my IT