None payment of rent

Tennant has missed two months and fears he won’t make next payment, serve notice for eviction or cut loses and agree he moves out asap,

Its not necessarily either or, but has he offered the latter? If so, then make sure he serves a valid notice rather than some vague promise.

I think it all depends, what kind of property it is and will you be out of the fire, into the frying pan. If only two months arrears then I’d be tempted to just get him out ASAP, there is always a risk that the situation changes VERY quickly, things get nasty, and suddenly two months turns into six…

If he/she is out of the fixed term may be its is better do belts and braces. In addition to S8 also serve S21. If he/she pays a bit of rent then clock might reset and start ticking again. And if you need stability probably best to replace.

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