Which landlord insurance and (maybe) a maintenance cover?

Looks like it’s going to happen for real soon!
Wonder what are the popular choices of landlord insurances these days?

I had a look at Direct Line which is not the cheapest but does allow quite a number of add-ons.
OpenRent also has a landlord insurance and wonder whether anyone has used it?
It seems a bit cheaper than DirectLine but the quote doesn’t provide all the details about what’s covered on OpenRent website; seems a bit odd to me.

Regarding the maintenance cover, I really like YourRepairs’ home plus plan as it only covers about 90% the common maintenance but also includes an annual boiler service and GSC. A bit surprised that nobody has used it here… Is it really uncommon to get a maintenance cover?

Any recommendation is welcome!

Trying to find insurance for my HMO am in residence I have given up the few companies that will insure have persistent feedback for avoiding claims so i will carry the risk

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