Open rent payment details

My Tennant has list open rents payment details.

So they have to pay directly to me but keep on getting harassed by open rent for non payment.

I’ve asked open rent 4 times to send me their payment details but I get no response

Can anyone help.

Hi @Philip1,

We do remind tenants every month of the payment details they need to use, and these are available on their dashboard 24/7.

However, if a tenant has sent you payment directly, you can go to your own rent collection dashboard, and select the option for “Tenant paid you directly?”. This will allow you to add the rent payment, without it needing to go via OpenRent, and then your tenants can continue to use the system going forward.

Do let me know if that doesn’t make sense or you need help finding your dashboard / the option above.

Kind regards,

Hi Daz

Yes that’s what I have been doing for the last 2 months. But I am paying open rent to collect the rent and monitor late payments.

And I’m doing your job for you, but you are still charging me.

All I want is your payment details so I can send them to the tenants and they can pay you directly.

It’s not a difficult ask but open rent are clearly refusing to send me your payment details.

My tenants are pissed off and are threatening to leave because open rent refuse to pass me or them your payment details.

It’s just a bloody sort code and account number.

Why has this been so hard


P Sprackling

Hi Phillip,

Apologies for any inconvenience caused here. We do remind tenants every month of the payment details they need to use, and they can also always access these on their OpenRent account.

I can see that our customer support team have also been in contact with your lead tenant to share the payment details directly.

Kind regards,

Just to elaborate further @Philip1 - we had to stop sharing payment details directly with landlords because it caused even more confusion. Each account is dedicated to a tenancy, so it’s more than simply a sort code and account number. In the past, landlords would share these details with other tenants, or manually send payments, etc - so we are genuinely trying to keep things simple here to avoid a worse situation or even more confusion.

We can, and will continue to, support your tenants here and are always on hand to help, but sharing payment details more widely is not necessarily the correct solution. We’d be happy to send you a link you can share with your tenants for them to view their payments details, but as Leo stated, we have already sent this to them directly (and do so with every “late payment” chase).


I can’t see where any confusion would arise with this issue in giving me or the tenants the original payment destination.

The only confusion that has arisen is that I have rent collection enabled with open rent but you are refusing to provide this service.

You say you are trying to keep things simple but you are not solving this very very simple request.

If you are unable to give me your payment details because this will cause “confusion” , to whom, I’ve got no idea? Then send the tenants directly your payment details so they can change their instructions.

That certainly would not “confuse” anyone.

Sending a link , which just takes me or my ‘pissed off’ tenants , to your home page is lazy and not the level of service I expect or pay for.


P Sprackling

We have already done this, as stated above. And a link to the payment details has been sent to them with every rental payment chase communication. They really can’t argue they don’t have the details…

My suggestion was to send you a link, which would direct the tenants to their payments, not to our homepage. In any case, the explicit payment details and guidance for your tenants have been sent to them already.

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