Paying rent via Open Rent

Hi, I’m new to Open Rent.
I supposed to pay rent by 3rd of each month - today is 3rd yet there’s still no active option for me to pay via Open Rent.
When i go into Tenancies it shows me “£0” and that all my payment are up to date even when i’ve not done any transfers yet. Landlord just contacted me asking if i made payment.
I informed him that i have no option available to do it via Open Rent.
How should i do it? Is there a fault on Landlord side of settings, or i’m encountering some website bug or something?
Thank you for any help provided.

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Hi @Andrzej4 -

I’ve logged onto your openrent account, and gone to your tenancy manager. You can click on “View Tenancy”, and then you can scroll down and see the section on “Rent Payments”.

Earlier today, that section would have showed you: “Next Rent Payment Due”, with the amount, and full details for how to pay. The balance would be £0 because your payment isn’t due until tomorrow, at which point you would go into arrears. We also send emails detailing this.

However, at some point this morning, the landlord disabled rent collection, possibly due to your message to them, and as such, the landlord is expecting rent payments to be paid directly to them now.

I’m not sure what the intention of your landlord was, but certainly the details for how to pay rent should be clear from your dashboard. If anything isn’t clear, do contact our customer support team here.

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