Tennants have lost Openrents payment details

My VERY good tenants have legitimately lost where they need to pay the rent. They are now receiving threatening letters from open rent , which i do not want.

How do i find out where the details are for open to receive the payment.


Hi @Philip1 -

The payment details the tenants need to use are always visible to them on their rent collection screen.

When we email them chasing the rent, as you refer to, we also state specifically:

Please make this payment to the account details shown on the page below as soon as possible. You are able to make a partial payment if you can’t make the full payment immediately, but you will remain in arrears until the full balance is cleared.

The tenant claiming they don’t know where to send the rent to seems somewhat far-fetched, but even if they have, we include the instructions in our chaser email to them. You can refer them to that email or our website which will give them access 24/7, or to contact our customer support team if they’re insisting they can’t find the payment details.

Do let us know if we can help further,

Their excuse sounds dodgy

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