Open rent - stages and fees

As an landlord we advertised our flat via Open rent - to be shown only on open rent (that was a free option). We now what to proceed with the referencing and signing the contract (within package of £49) But it seems imposible to chose this option now… the only option i have is for referencing … £20 so I am not sure how much will cost me to proceed with the contract and taking deposit… Can somebody from Open rent explain and come back to us… It will be silly to cancel the advert and to create a new one just to have the full package… cheers…
btw how to contact somebody from open rent? ta

Hi @Glenn1 -

Thanks for your message. If you’ve found a tenant and want to proceed with them, you can do so from here:

Hopefully that page has all the guidance needed for your to proceed, but if you did want to contact our team privately / directly, you can do so from here: FAQs | OpenRent.


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