Open Rent Users sending messages for friends

I have been contacted by two “tenants” for viewings who are actually acting on behalf of a “friend”. Is this normal or a warning sign?

It could be genuine if the actual potential tenant cannot get to a viewing for some reason. They may be in a different part of the country for example. You could ask the reason.


You should check the reason. Its possible that the tenant is working long hours or doesnt speak much English, which might make communication difficult in the future. I would never offer anything until I had met the tenant and asked a series of questions about their curcumstances.


Thanks for the advice both! Very helpful.

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I have in same situation but I spoke the potential
tenant before and when his friend came to view WhatsApp
Video call arranged so potential tenant could see and discuss any questions.
Also with video what’sapp call you would know that there is a genuine potential tenant.

If they would not agree I would think twice if I was in you case.