Open Rents account details

I am a landlord and my tenant is having problems paying the first months rent and remaining holding deposit. The account details she has received by Open Rent won’t go through on her internet banking and after calling the bank this morning for them to do it for her, the bank said the account details don’t reference Open Rent at all and somebodies name??? I cant see what Open Rents account details are anywhere and I don’t know how to reassure my new tenant when the bank wouldn’t even pay it for her?? anyone know what the account details look like? any suggestions please. I can’t speak to them until tomorrow.

Can she not do it to you directly?

Open Rent take the first payment and holding deposit. I will take the future rental payments but this part is going via Open Rent, the service we have paid for.


I have just had the same experience! I am a tenant and I was attempting to pay holding deposit and first month’s rent. It was intercepted by Fraud team and they would not let me go ahead with the payment telling me this was not a verified account. The account details belong to a Monzo account I was informed. I wonder whether the page has been hacked?