Openrent Account disappeared [CLOSED]

Hi, have created a landlord account and rent a property back in 2013 however never used the site since then. I tried today to access the contract however
(1) when I tried to login and typed in my email address (hasn’t changed since 1996)
(2) I was asked to create a new account
(3) an account confirmation email arrived which I accepted
(4) when I logged in to the site, I could not find anymore my rented property

Can you please advise how do I get access to my rental documents ?


Where you’ve set up a tenancy with us you don’t need to worry - the contract and its details will remain accessible on the website via your dashboard.

Sounds like you’re not logging in with the same email address domain here. The first step is logging in with any other emails you’d have used when first using us.

Any troubles with this at all, just shoot us an email and we’ll give you a hand -


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All my tenancies have disappeared suddenly out of the blue. I’m freaking out as I relied on the openrent online platform to keep track of things!! What is going on?? I have a friend I contacted about it and her accounts have disappeared as well!!

Hi @Amy8 - It looks like you contacted our support team who have tried to point you in the right direction on this (you had created multiple accounts). We didn’t hear back, so just checking this is all resolved now?