OpenRent App Love

Hey everyone! So you think OpenRent should develop an app?

We’d love to know if you think that, and if so, why?

Best of all would be if you could answer this question:

Is there anything you want an app to do that isn’t currently possible when browsing the OpenRent website from a mobile device?

We love taking your feedback on board and using it to make our product even better for tenants and landlords!




A family friend owns 16 Subway Shops, he manages it all from an App on his phone.

The idea to of doing a lot of the tedious landlord jobs on an app would definately improve the ‘Landlord Office’ 100%.


It will stayed logged in on my phone rather than having to find the web page & login every time.It would give me push notifications when someone has sent me a message rather than checking my emails. It would be more mobile friendly and easier to navigate


Seriously guys, you need to get an app, that’s crazy that you havn’t, I have just started to use OPenRent and I am having to be redirected to a web browser! That is so ysterday (and ridiculous in this day and age), Spareroom has had an app for years and it is far more easier and convenient to use while your on the move or don’t have access to a laptop or computer, replying to tenants is a nightmare, you need ot get with it!
On a more positive note, the response rate has been great, so relieved I dont have Estate Agents calling me!


Hey all! @Nav @Daniel1

We now have an app live on the Android Play Store. You can stay logged in on there, message landlords/tenants, and generally do everything you can do on the website.

Here’s the link:

Us iPhone users need an app too!

Can’t wait for it to be available on iOS!


Agreed, iPhone app is a must and we are eagerly waiting to have a one please. Thanks

Absolutely. Please make the app available on Iphone too! Sooner the better please :slight_smile:

What about iPhone users???

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Still no app for iPhone users yet?

Hi, any update on an app for OpenRent??

Joined OpenRent a week ago and cant seem to find an App for iphone. That is odd if there isn’t one. The site is well designed but having to go to browser or find latest email and log in is a real nuisance when on the hoof. Is there a plan for an ios App?

At this time we still only have the original app we developed. We of course have a website designed to be used on mobile/tablet as well as desktop.

We are always keen for feedback so please continue to list the reasons why you would prefer an app as this will help it prioritisation and development.

In the meantime if you’re on an iPhone you can save the website to your desktop so it feels like an app. The feature’s called “Add to Home Screen” and can be accessed from the Safari menu. This hides the browser bars and mimics an application with a home screen icon

Thanks for your messages so far.

If you can release the App on iPhone that would be great. I’ve been using Spareroom’s app for years and it is so easy to use and can’t believe you don’t have something similar.
Like you guys, I used to think there’s no point of having an app if you can do everything in the web version however over the years using apps for business helps “compartmentalize” work areas. For example, I can do my Spareroom business on Spareroom’s app and I do my deposit scheme stuff on their app. There’s no chance of mixing it up by accidentally selecting the wrong browser tab. This means I can leave my browser’s tabs for other stuff especially temporary things I’m searching for.
By the way, your web version is a tad too busy with other things on the screen so you need to reduce the clutter (eg promoting your other services).
If you can release the iphone version I think you would make a lot more landlords a lot happier.


I think they should get this version of OpenRent to work properly first

I would love to have a mobile app for iphone, which is always logged in or does so with my fingerprint. My usual reply to viewing requests is one or two sentences. For more descriptive tasks I use browser. Some times I only need to reject a request which doesn’t meet my requirements. If it’s mobile app I will do it right away rather than waiting for next time I login. Also some customers assumes that their message reaches me right away as in gumtree or similar apps. They gets angry when the response is delayed. One upvote for ios app.

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Not available in my country. Pain as moving back to the UK from Ecuador and searching for pet friendly landlords

Recently, A local agent showed up with a printout of nearby listings. On a B&W page, it says a room “Seen 4 weeks Ago on a Russian Social”. No photos for that one. You can’t prove it fake then, can you

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Hello just migrated from android to IOS and sadly no IOS for me yet?

Please help

iOS app please! It’s well overdue now - this thread is 3.5 years old and still no app for iOS!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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