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Hey everyone! So you think OpenRent should develop an app?

We’d love to know if you think that, and if so, why?

Best of all would be if you could answer this question:

Is there anything you want an app to do that isn’t currently possible when browsing the OpenRent website from a mobile device?

We love taking your feedback on board and using it to make our product even better for tenants and landlords!




A family friend owns 16 Subway Shops, he manages it all from an App on his phone.

The idea to of doing a lot of the tedious landlord jobs on an app would definately improve the ‘Landlord Office’ 100%.


It will stayed logged in on my phone rather than having to find the web page & login every time.It would give me push notifications when someone has sent me a message rather than checking my emails. It would be more mobile friendly and easier to navigate