Is PAT mandatory?

On the page of creating the tenancy agreement, it’s asking whether I have supplied electrical appliances which I do as the property is furnished. After I choose yes, it then essentially forces me to choose that I either have a valid PAT or the appliances have been checked by a competent person.

Frankly, I didn’t know PAT is mandatory hence didn’t do it. My tenants want to start in a few days; does that mean I can’t issue the agreement until I have the PAT done? That would mean delaying the start date which my tenants won’t like as they really want to move in asap.

if the appliances are brand new, they will be covered by the manufacturers g/tee. so you do not need to test them again

no they’re not brand new.

Not mandatory, discretional but recommended.

Now the shoe is on the other foot how do you feel about doing it?

A little too early to answer that!
Still feels there is a lot to learn down the road…

You have 2 choices . The first is lie and say yes but if someone gets electrocuted you will be going to jail. The second is say no and book PAT ASAP and delay the start day of the tenacy .
I reckon 90% of Landlords lie and put yes if it will delay things . Of those 90% who lied i reckon half will arrange PAT testing asap and the other half ( bad ones ) will not even arrange PAT at all .

Or dont supply electrical items and make life easier for yourself.

Pat testing is not mandatory and so I can’t see how this would stop the process. It’s more likely to be a chance just to upsell a pat testing service.

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You are scare mongering!
I haven’t done PAT testing for my tenants. It is not mandatory! My properties are unfurnished so I only supply white goods
(fridge/freezer and washer/dryer). Yes someone could get electrocuted but I am prepared to take that very slim risk. My tenants are protected better than I am in my own property. I service my boiler regularly but I have not had a GSC which goes further than a boiler service. My own property would be considered modern built 23 years ago. One of my BTL properties was built in 2019 and failed the ECIR because they have upgraded the standards. So I am more likely to die of electrocution than they are. I do have smoke detectors but do not have a carbon monoxide alarm. I am an NRLA accredited member. I don’t know everything although I may not be the best I feel I am a decent enough landlord.


I forgot to mention, I neglected to have a legionella risk assessment done which is also recommended but not mandatory☹️

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Is this for real? Legionella risk? I have to google what that is…

Welcome to world of the landlord, and you think tenants have a tough time :grinning:

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Stagnant water in pipes eg air conditioner or baths with jaccuzi type jets can harbour a bacteria which can cause pneumonia . Its called leigionaires disease as it killed a load of legionaires attending a reunion in a hotel .

Just leave the date blank. These are not mandatory fields and are simply a marketing tool for Openrent to remind you when tests are due

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EICR became mandatory in tenanted properties 1/4/21. Assuming this is done the properties will be protected from death of shock by RCD ect.
If a LL hasnt done these he is taking to much of a risk.

GSC and EICR are both done in May; was told these are mandatory together with EPC.
I wasn’t aware of PAT until generating the contract from OpenRent…

Hi Chris,
guessing you may have a gas boiler, when you’re getting GSC’s done? - which means CO alarms are compulsory (gas cookers/hobs excepted)

Are you referring to in your own home or tenants? Assuming your own…

Yes, I was referring to my own home.

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