OpenRent create a Bad tenants and a tenant registry

Hi Colin,
You can be KING if we can all ensure our rent is paid and our properties are respected!
Here, here. What says ye all?


we also need a chancellor. I propose Declan ! He will be on the money !

Colin, I have to say I like your style🙂

Sounds like a good idea, but I think there may be legal issues re. data privacy (though probably not if it was a register of rogue landlords, as the law always seems to favour the tenant).
I don’t want to teach my granny to suck eggs but I always:
Select non DSS (I think it’s legal for private landlords to do this but not for housing associations etc.)
Set the Openrent system to do basic screening.
State in the advert that I will be doing a full reference check, all adults will need to be on the rental agreement and will need to be reference checked.
State what the minimum salary requirement is to pass the reference check.
Stall any dodgy sounding applicants with “I’m not ready to do vieweings yet” to give better applicants time to come through.
Since I started doing this I’ve never had to do more than 3 viewings and never had a dodgy tenant.
You still get a few time wasters who didn’t read advert or who assume all things are negotiable, but I just stick to my rules and send them on their way.


david64 Love the above its what i also do gets shut of 75% of chancers

BTW I’d NEVER accept a tenant who didn’t qualify for rent guarantee insurance (£89 per year and can save you thousands).
I’d also never accept a tenant who needed a guarantor. Before I discovered Openrent I used a managing agent who accepted a tenant who needed a guarantor. Tenant left owing a few thousand in unpaid rent, guarantor also disappeared at the same time. I claimed on the rent guarantee insurance, but I had the hassle of going through the eviction process which takes a few months.
All been much better since I discovered Openrent and started doing it all myself (and a huge financial saving).


Sam disappears when landlords speak up and ask what OpenRent do to support us - Celebrating the End of Tenant Fees in England & Wales 🎉

But hopefully I’ll be wrong and we’ll see an announcement on Monday with a Royal Assent from King Colin by the end of the week :crown:

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There has been some ‘issues’ with Royal assent of late but hopefully King Colin will enshrine this into law🙂

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Colin. Can I contact you off OpenRent? If so pls advise how? Thanks

I am registered on merseyside on Gumtree selling insulation . I supply insulation if you spot me my phone number will be there

Great idea its time the Landlords had the same help as the tenants.

Hi Colin
Thanks for that but I haven’t found you! Are you Colin or Carl? I went through every listing and found every name under the sun except Colin…

On Gumtree I am Carl So when someone rings up I know where they have seen the listing

Hi Karen, whilst I am 100% in favour of a “Bad tenants list” and I can certainly ad a few names to it I have to wonder where we would stand with this data protection issue. I am going to raise the point with my local Landlord Association. I think most Landlords have experienced bad tenants demonstrating poor housekeeping rules. Unsocial behaviour, and rent arrears etc and it’s high time Landlords were better protected through available information.
Due diligence is a prerequisite in the event of an insurance claim so it would help to enlist the support of Landlord insurance companies who would see a central database on Bad Tenants as a win win situation

I don’t know Geoff but it seems quite common in Australia. Two days ago my Mum’s tenants in Australia vacated her rental property without giving notice. The place is dirty and they have left their furniture etc. The agent phoned and told them they should have given 21 days notice. The tenant then gave notice and said to take their rent out the bond. The agent said that wasn’t going to happen and said she would put them on a data base if they did not pay. The tenant said he didn’t mind until she explained it would affect his credit rating and might mean he can’t rent a property or get a job in the future. He paid the outstanding rent yesterday.


Hi again Karen, the worrying thing is that almost everyone who applies for one of my houses currently has CCJ’s so my worry is that we’re getting forced to take bad tenants before they even get to bad

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Hi Geoff
I’m sorry to hear all your applicants have ccj’s. However if a tenant registry were set up it would be there to benefit all landlords and add an extra level of ‘checks’ to our due diligence on tenants. I can tell you that some tenants sail through referencing, then end up becoming the absolute worse tenants from hell all in the space of a number of months. Tenants can forge references both employment and tenancy references. However as Colin guessed correctly quite a while ago, OpenRent have no interest whatsoever in launching this service! As you can see from the 60 comments or do here they simply choose to ignore this thread and everything written here. Unfortunately they show us where their loyalties lie simply by there refusal to engage here. There are so many ways this could be started to the benefit of all landlords. We landlords would happily pay for this service. The integrity of this system could be very easily safeguarded. There are simply NO REASONS why this should not be launched. But what do we get - SILENCE!!! I’m sorry but I think this is not acceptable.

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Has anyone taken on a tenant who has had CCJ S ?

What a bad way to start a tenancy. Will ALWAYS end in tears! What’s that phrase ‘History ALWAYS repeats itself!’ Never, ever accept any tenant who previously had a ccj. No matter what ‘sob story’ they peddle. It WILL end badly. Even if your really needing a tenant soon - simply don’t accept ANYONE with a ccj. It might seem good to get a tenant in if your struggling to find one but stop and consider that you might easily lose 5-6 months rent before you can get these people out. Are you willing to take this chance? If you are accept the ‘lovely’ tenant. Remember though that EVERYTHING that comes after this decision is of your making!!!


I had an applicant who showed he was earning 45k and could well afford the rent. He had a CCJ of 8k. no attempt to pay it off .He didn t get my place !