Should tenants registration be vetted

A series of disingenuous individuals posing as prospective tenants prompts this inquiry. One rude applicant eventually admitted she had not even used her own name to register on the site. I was alerted when she signed her self off in a different name to that appearing on the site, if indeed that name was genuine in the first place.

Dont proceed with idiots and there are plenty around dont get wound up .just be glad they are not your tenants

Yes, I concur with Colin, One should be acting very unemotional almost mono script, sometimes I do catch myself becoming a little bit shocked so I just give myself a shake and remember my objective and that sorts the problem out.

As long as you’re focused on the objective you shouldn’t be able to be easily sidelined by the ego.

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Hi Rose, I’m worry to hear about his. The only we people we want messaging landlords on our site are tenants with a genuine interst in letting your property.

It would be a great help for our team if you could report the accounts in question. You can do this by going into your messages with them and clicking the report button.

Many thanks for sharing this with us,

Hi Sam,

Have done so. What can you actually do? Is it for example illegal for users set up fake registration or use their childrens details to register.



PS: Just to say don’t be swayed by the hard luck sob stories - I was initially which is why I let it dragged on for so long but as you read and reflect all that she says, you will soon find the gaping holes e.g. anxious to move then the hesitancy and sudden holiday to Dorset during term time when I asked to meet with them first in their own home with ID.


You cannot tell who is good or bad online . Be savvy with your questions .NEVER initially give out your phone number even if they send you theirs. Openrent do not disclose your e mail address so ask away

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