OpenRent Insurance


I’m just wondering if the openrent landlord insurance quote sent to me covers rent collection cover like the RGI and what the differences are in the two policies?

Also if anyone has experience with the cover it would be great to hear your feedback.


Hi Alex,

Sounds like you had a building insurance quote sent to you.

This is separate insurance policy to RGI, which does cover you for unpaid rent.

We’ve got 6 months and 12 months cover available, so you can have a pick as to what suits you!


Hi George,

Thanks for your reply. Yeh I understand the RGI but not the landlord insurance quote that was sent through, it doesn’t give full terms and what is covered?


Hi Alex,

Ah I see - when it comes to Landlord Insurance, there are different types of cover available, so I’d suggest contacting our insurance partner on 0113 320 7368 who will be able to assist with this directly.


Hi Alex,
Landlord insurance is basically like normal homeowners insurance but includes some component of liability insurance. It is separate to RGI.

In my experience as a landlord the key areas to focus on are: Value of coverage required, amount of time tenant can be away from the home for the policy to remain valid, Deductible, and is Trace & Access cover included.

Also be very careful with RGI. It is not as comprehensive as you may think and only covers loss of rent if the tenant remains in the house and does not pay. As soon as they leave the coverage stops. So for instance if your tenant does a runner without paying then RGI does not cover it.

Thanks Martin that’s good advice