Rental guarantee insurance - after tenancy commences

Does anyone know if its possible to obtain rental insurance (through Openrent’s provider) after the tenancy has started? I don’t see the point in covering the first month as that and the deposit has been paid to Openrent and will transfer to me shortly after the tenancy commences so ideally I would do it in month 2.

However, I know certain insurance (eg Travel) needs to be obtained before commencement so I don’t want to miss out due to that.

Hi Jamie,

RGI must be ordered within 60 days of the referencing finishing date. You can purchase it here:

Thanks, Elinor

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As Elinor notes below it can be obtained after tenancy commences. But be careful that it covers what you think it does. RGI only covers up to the point the tenant leaves. So if for instance the tenant decides to abandon the property it does not cover you. I learned the hard way about the limitation of the insurance and will look elsewhere in the future for more comprehensive RGI.