Openrent Inventory and check-in service

I’m looking to use the Openrent Inventory and check in service for the first time. I’m looking for someone with experience please.

Is the inventory and check in done on the same day or can they be arranged for different days i.e. to prepare the report to review with the new Tenant at check in?

We have used a high street agent for tenant find and to arrange viewings because we do not live local to our rental property. Will the inventory clark be able to liase with the local agent for keys or require us to be present?

Hi Harriet,

It usually makes sense to have the Inventory and Check-in conducted on the same day. This is also more cost-effective, as arranging a Check-in on a different day incurs a £40 surcharge due to the additional visit required.

The Check-in is where the Inventory clerk goes through the report with the incoming tenant - either in person (if the tenant is there) or the tenant can review this online instead.

The Inventory clerk can collect keys from a local agent within a reasonable distance of the property. You’ll be able to arrange this with them - they will call you to arrange the appointment after you order the service through OpenRent.