Openrent Managenent Plus

Hi , Has anyone used openrent Management Plus or Lite and is it a reliable one and helpful when need comes for Landlord/tenant?

I have found it completely unhelpful. When tenants have logged issues, I am not informed by any email notification. One property had 5 unresolved issues I was unaware of and fuming tenants contacted me.

The process is protracted. Tenant phones the management plus emergency number and logs an issue. If deemed an emergency, tenant is given another tel no and insurance claim reference to call and give further details. My tenants found this too much of a hassle and started to call me.

I called regarding a blocked sink myself and was advised they would be sending a contractor and no response to-date,

When I queried with OpenRent they asked me to do the following up again !

The whole reason for getting the management plus was to save time phoning subcontracters etc. If I am going to have to do that , I might as well go with British Gas at half the cost.

An issue regarding a cracked hob surface was reported and understandably not an emergency however I was expecting get access to their reliable contractor network. None forthcoming.


Been advised to chase up the DACS the insurance company myself and if issue not covered ’

‘You may find it helpful to contact the policy providers and ask if they can assist in resolving any outstanding issues through a Customer To Pay service. You can contact them by calling +441156470757’.

It appears all I have done is purchased an emergency home cover insurance with DAC? And unable to cancel 2 months in.

Getting more frustrated with this. I am fed up with management plus. Booked a gas safety last week and as it is part of management plus we do not pay directly but very high for the awful service DAS provides.
No response yet though- keep passing you onto dashboard and follow up.

If we have to do all this following up, what is the management bit? its more that OpenRent are insurance brokers. They never speak to tenants or you.

Hi, i would not waste your money. The service is terrible. My tenant has not had heating for 3 weeks now.

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I found my own electrician and cen htng guy

Thanks. I was looking at this service but won’t bother now.

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