Openrent's Comprehensive Referencing issue

I have received back the comprehensive referencing report and notice that although it says pass in the employment section backed up by a manager the figures at the end where they breakdown the income found from the bank does not match up. I am slightly concerned that this should have not flagged as a reference pass or have I understood it wrong?

Fake numbers as a guide of what I see:

Tenant declares a full time salary of lets say £21k
Employer has returned saying this checks out

The bank payments at bottom of report are like £100-£300 here and there and shows estimated annual income to be far lesser £7k

How should I proceed in this because either the employer has lied or the bank payments part hasn’t flagged an issue which seems bad on OpenRents side of things?

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your query.

We can verify the applicant’s income by either referee or open banking.

In this case, I can see that the applicant’s income was verified by referee only. We have not been able to verify their income by open banking based on the transactions the applicant has identified themselves for this job.

We would advise that you speak to the applicant directly in the first instance to provide further information here. If required, we can reopen the reference to allow the applicant to update the bank transactions they have selected.

If you have any further questions, you’re welcome to contact us at any time via email or via the below link:



Open Rent… did you make that clear in your referencing?? It does not look like you did. We pay for a service and expect you to carry this out correctly. This is a big deal. I would not be as calm if you failed to bring this to my attention. Poor Service!!

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Ask for three months bank statements and verify yourself.

If it’s not there then adios.


I would suggest that if you have even 1% doubt about the employment reference then use all avenues to check as there
are so many employment reference fraud.

Also not to take go with that tenants application as there are
some good genuine tenants who would give you all details even before asking as they are do know all requirements.

It’s not worth taking risk where it would cost you thousands in future and so much stress.

For employment reference- check the companies profile online companies house, etc check if it’s reputable big company
If the company is registered under one person name etc then
they may be helping to find other person writing references providing fraud payslips, paying pay into banks etc
so it looks genuine so all pre planned for previous 3months
That looks all ok etc and the landlords get in trap.

This is personal experience I am talking about and it’s not worth going for something when we feel and can tell something does not match.

We cannot expose the rouge tenants with fraud employment reference but we can protect other landlords making aware of of rouge tenants’ tactics to get the property.

Hi Lisa

What would you do when the referee has provided false information about the employment?

As I used the OpenRent -Rentguard reference service
And the references were passed. But
I found out the the employment reference was fraud
When checked after a few months the tenant created problems and I checked and I had to get my lawyer.
The company where the tenant was working was
dormant, unregistered law company and struck off lawyer.

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